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Courts’ Web Portal

National Portal of Courts:

The national portal of courts (PNIJ) is a complex system, characterized by a single point of access to information about the activity of all courts. Its purpose is to support a virtual and accessible information environment to ensure communication between citizens and the courts.

The information placed on the PNIJ includes the list of courts, which, being accessed, presents information on the agenda of court hearings, court decisions, court summonses, judicial practice and other relevant information for litigants and public.

The information on courts portal is published in accordance with the national legislation.

1. Government DECISION no. 593 of 24.07.2017 regarding the approval of the Technical Concept of the Judicial Information System.

2. Government DECISION no. 794 of 01.08.2018 for the approval of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the Judicial Information System.